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Sealight Books is based in South-East Queensland, Australia and specialises in selling Graphic Novels to Public and Educational Libraries. We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive service for libraries who are just venturing into a new collection or who wish to expand their established collection of graphic novels in a balanced and thorough way. We source the highest quality Graphic Novels from distributors locally and overseas.

There are a number of resources available from Sealight to help librarians make informed decisions about the most appropriate graphic novels for their collection. These resources have been created in collaboration with Librarians and Teacher-Librarians all over the country. If you are interested in starting a new collection we can help to select titles to suit your requirements or if you already have an established collection we can suggest titles to help you expand the collection's range.

Mail: PO Box 1071 Maleny Qld. 4552 Australia

Phone: (07) 5494 2989 Fax: (07) 5494 3103


ABN: 20 768 970 375


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