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On Top Down Under

We traveled recently to the wonderful cities of Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, to meet with our friends at the Fundraising Institute - Australia. Before we left, we were fortunate to have had a chance to download "Giving Australia: Research on Philanthropy in Australia," an initiative of the Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership coordinated in part by the FIA.

The key finding that we think is noteworthy is that Giving Australia "has identified a growing proportion or rate of giving and increasing generosity in giving." The report goes on to say that nonprofit organizations are most likely to be sustained by regular and generous giving built on a long-term relationship with the giver. (Hallelujah!) The extent to which "individuals and businesses are connected with communities seems to be a factor in giving." Those who have used the services provided by the nonprofit or who have benefited most from the community - through, for example, higher education or high incomes - tend to give more and at greater rates.

Since 1997, giving of money by individuals in Australia adjusted for inflation has risen about 58%. This growth in giving is due to various factors, such as the increasing size of the Australian adult population, sustained economic prosperity, and greater and positive publicity for giving, including the use of more sophisticated appeals and fundraising methods by some nonprofits.

We salute the great work of the vibrant Australian nonprofit sector.


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