US Online Giving Report

Online donations in the U.S. in 2004 exceeded $US3 billion - up 58 percent from $1.9 billion in 2003 – and includes Tsunami giving according to a recent study by a US technology provider Kintera Inc. and Luth Research Inc., a veteran online market research firm.

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ATO Updates GiftPack Guide

The Australian Tax Office has updated its GiftPack for deductible gift recipients & donors' guide to incorporate the latest July 1st changes to DGR tax laws.

The guide helps organisations understand what they need to do if they want to receive tax deductible gifts. It also helps donors who want to claim tax deductions for their gifts. The new version replaces GiftPack for deductible gift recipients & donors issued in May 2003.

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August 2nd 2005.

Raise your glasses - that is the day that Make Peace Media officially exists as a not for profit organisation in Australia.

Raise your hand if you want a photocopy of the registration page.
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In his role as media spokesman kenzrahi has recently been given the following books to get him up to speed on the comic art form:

Scott Mclouds 'Understanding Comics'
'101 of the Most Important Graphic Novels'

In addition to this here is the link to an academic website that looks at sequential art as a visual language:

Be afraid, be very afraid.

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60 page a6 landscape zine - 30 pages (approx) of comics, 30 pages (approx) of poetry and essays.
All comics by me, all other writings and photo comic by others.
Includes fold out 'Make Your own Comic' photo comic where YOU become the comic strip writer.

Originally produced for OXFAM Tsunami Benefit Concert 'The Sweet Sound of Charity'
All proceeds are again being donated to OXFAM.

Um...4 bucks.

Is that overpriced? Even if it is for charity?
I ask this for future reference for my next comic zine I'm putting together 'Make It Happen'
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Sharing Australia’s stories

A new grants program that gives all Australians the opportunity to show how their stories have contributed to the great events and themes that have shaped our nation. an Australian Government initiative to support projects that help tell the story of our nation. It gives individuals and communities the opportunity to show their local contribution to building the Australian nation.

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Courtesy of Glen Shearer
Operation Funnybone seeks the contributions of emerging Australian comic artists, caricaturists, strip and panel gag cartoonists and graphic novellists.
8,000 copies of this 336-page high-quality coffee-table book will be distributed throughout Australia to raise money for the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre.
You will be one of 200 artists whose new or existing work will be featured alongside your personal profile.

For more information: guffmanatbigponddotnetau
Sign up at:

For your information, the following appeared in Darwin & Palmerston Sun Newspapers this week. Fingers crossed for results!

Comic comp: Two hundred emerging Australian comic artists are being called together to
work on Operation Funnybone - a publication to raise funds for the Peter McCallum
Cancer Centre.
The centre is Australia's foremost specialist cancer hospital, providing quality treatment
and support to patients and their families.
Every state in Australia has representation except for NT!
For more information contact Glen Shearer on 0439 672 443 or guffmanatbigponddotnetau

Tsunami effect means charity thins at home

Simon Canning
March 24, 2005

THE Australian Red Cross has warned there are "worrying signs" the country could be suffering charity fatigue in the wake of the Asian tsunami. They say that, three weeks into its Red Cross Calling appeal, it is clear it will be struggling to meet targets by the end of the final week.

The public donated more than $240million to charities as a result of the tsunami, but signs are that Australian goodwill has reached its limit as fundraisers move to refocus attention on their domestic appeals, many of which are getting under way this month. The federal Government has announced it will investigate the effects of the tsunami on local fundraising as part of its Giving Australia study of the $30billion charity and not-for-profit industry, to be released later this year.

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